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Have you noticed that some people wrinkle much earlier than the rest of us?

And perhaps there are times when you notice your own skin aging faster than usual? You may think, it may be genetics or it may be stress or bad habits such as smoking, nutrition, drinking. It may also mean that you are making one of the five big mistakes in your skin care routine that can really add years to your skin’s appearance. Is it possible a start to turn things around?  Remember, these 5 harmful mistakes may seem innocent. They may not seem like much. You may even think, “Oh, it can’t be so important!” Yet, if you continue making these mistakes, you may see your skin showing signs of aging much earlier than it should. 

  1. Wrong choice of Products such cleansers 
  2. Using chemical sunscreen and tanning at the same time. 
  3. Overloading your skin with alien chemicals 
  4. Going for immediate improvement 
  5. You don’t use organic products
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