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Why Use Herbs?

Herbs are extremely potent yet gentle at the same time. This great combination means that they are often a great help to people in terms of curing their symptoms, and in a way that not only does not harm their bodies, but also strengthens them, and makes them less vulnerable to future attacks. 

There are many alternatives to herbal medicine, the biggest of which is biomedicine. This is because biomedicine has become firmly entrenched within our minds today. Not a day goes by when someone does not have some kind of contact with a biomedical feature, whether it is a visit to a doctor, or the use of a painkiller, or even just walking past a grocery store that has a whole counter dedicated to medicines derived bio-medically.

Biomedicine is extremely popular and is so common that people refer to it as the conventional medicine – that is, medicine that people use normally in their daily routines, without having to think twice. On the flip side, things like herbal supplements are often frowned upon, just because the monopoly of biomedicine is so strong. They are direct competitors, and pharmaceutical companies realise the many benefits of the all-natural herbal remedies, and how cheaply and effectively they can be administered to the local population. This is why it is in their best interests to silence any campaigns carried out by herbalists, so that they can go on selling their own medications, which are not only extremely expensive, depending on where you live, but also have many adverse effects, owing to their chemical nature. 

This is why, as a rational individual, it is your responsibility to see the extent to which this practice limits your own choices and your freedom in deciding what kind of treatment option you would like to take. It is an individual’s right to choose whichever healing narrative they think corresponds most closely to their desires and wishes, and this should also coincide with the things they are willing to take into their body. 

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