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Fiber Cell Dry Frozen Powder, Remove Wrinkles, Scars and Couperose Skin ISO PURE

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  • Brand NaturalCure®
  • Condition New
  • Returns Accepted No
  • Where do you Ship United Kingdom & Europe
  • Collection of Products Accepted Yes
  • Certifications YES 100% SAFE & ORGANIC & ISO CERTIFIED
  • Gender UNISEX

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NaturalCure fiber cell dry frozen powder, remove wrinkles,scars and couperose skin.

Facts: Fade fine lines, reduce melanin, remove bags under the eyes, freckle, whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, remove scar, day-night repair, original biotech wake viability, to edema, fine lines and dry lines to improve eyeliner swelling and other problems, upgrade and elastic, white complexion, refine pores, reply eye skin repair force.
More description: FGF is a powerful multifunctional cytokine, and to promote the formation of collagen metabolism of fibroblasts plays an important function.
AFGF can promote the growth and reproduction of skin tissue, through specific cell surface receptors, regulation of skin epithelial, endothelial and stromal cell division, reproduction and growth and differentiation, promote cell metabolism, enhance oxidation; can promote skin cell injury the rapid growth and reproduction, and regulate the intercellular matrix synthesis, secretion and decomposition; can promote the regeneration of the stratum corneum cells, accelerate skin repair cuticle and stroma, promoting the growth of skin cells; can enhance protein synthesis in skin cells and cell metabolism, has anti-aging skin cells, promote the repair and growth of skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and rich.
Users: for all people, especially those who often stay up late, whose eyes skin lose vitality and have no
skin regeneration capacity.
Applicable skin: all skin are appropriate
Feeling of the skin: soft, comfortable, absorbent
Brand history: Certified and ISO, professional-build international cosmetics level,
high standard, pure natural, keep innovating, and committed to the international development.
Clinical tests: through clinical trials, the product has a high standard quality, have adjustment and regeneration effect to the eye area with no side effects, which is recommended to the customers.
brand certification: YES 100% 
Storage: shade, away from light and stored in the freezer independently with constant temperature 12°
to 15°. Exposure is prohibited.
Guarantee period: 2 years
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